I’ve created this website to chart progress on my new project – Imperial Weather: Meteorology and the Making of 20th Century Colonialism – which I’m conducting in the School of Geography, University of Nottingham. The project has been generously funded by the British Academy (through a Postdoctoral Fellowship) and the University of Nottingham (through a Nottingham Research Fellowship).

Some more information about the project and the ideas behind it can be found here.

I’ll use this blog as a space to offer updates on my research, to sketch out emerging ideas, and to make connections with others who might be interested in the project. I’ll post details of relevant journal articles, book chapters, conference papers etc. which arise from the project here.

In the past I’ve found blogging to be really useful way not only of disseminating research results, but of actually moving the research itself forwards. Writing a blog post about a new idea can be a great exercise in refining one’s thinking, of trying out what works, and getting some feedback on the directions in which a research project might take. As such, I consider it an integral part of the research process itself. I hope that means that this website will be an interesting place to visit as my project develops.



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